Hotel’s hammam massage & spa in Mhamid El Gizlane

The hammam is a must-go for anyone visiting Morocco. This is the perfect place to chill out and unwind. The Chez le Pacha hotel’s hammam & spa is unheard-of in southern Morocco. It is very intimate and specially designed for your well-being. The hammam section boasts two cabins, for two or four people. Before entering the hammam, enjoy our leg and arch whirlpool.

You can rest your legs and feet in this refreshing atmosphere, and have them massaged with water and essential oils. The traditional Moroccan hammam is always made of two rooms. The lukewarm first room helps you rest and opens skin pores while in the warmer second room, your skin is scrubbed and cleared of its impurities.

During the scrub, you lie on the warm floor while someone vigorously massages your whole body with the rough side of an exfoliating glove and washes you with soft black soap containing argan oil and eucalyptus essential oil. Ghassoul body wraps (white clay) will also benefit your skin, restoring its moisture, making you feel silky smooth.

After you leave the hammam, it is very important to stop at the herbal tea corner and lower your heart rate before we treat you to massages.

There, you will be offered a herbal tea to complement the massage you have chosen, such as an energizing or soothing massage. The Chez le Pacha hotel’s hammam & spa is fitted with two massage cabins.

Be transported to the top of the Himalayan Mountains by music while you experience an half-an-hour or one-hour-long massage in a friendly and casual atmosphere. You can also choose between a soothing back massage or a facial.

For all massages we use oils based on Argan oil or essential oils of Moroccan verbena or orange blossom. In the bright meditation room, you can look can look out over the dunes in comfort. The water wall promotes peaceful thoughts and we kindly prompt you to think about the benefit of having water in the desert.

hotel with spa & massage mhamid el ghizlane